Who we are

My name is Felicia, I was born in Tramonti and this farmhouse represents my entire childhood.
Mine has always been a peasant family.

My father has always taken care of the land together with my mother Rosa, although with great effort and sacrifice they also worked as restaurateurs for years.

In the morning my mother used to get up to go milk the cows and collect fresh eggs from our chickens, and only afterwards she used to go to the restaurant - owned by the family at the time - to start the intense working day.

The care for the land and the passion for agriculture was passed down from my great-grandparents and onwards
later by my paternal grandparents.

My father, in fact, was born in this farmhouse and grew up together with his 10 brothers. The land has always been their wealth, with its fruits it always managed to guarantee a dish for everyone on the table, from the cows' milk in the morning for breakfast, to the fresh eggs from the chickens, to the wheat, the fruit and the many vegetables of the 'vegetable garden.