* non-refundable

* The menu may vary depending on the seasonality of the vegetables and produce selected for the dishes.

* The experience is completely private, so availability may be limited.

* The menu contains lactose and gluten.

* The menu is prepared in-house, so menus for individuals with food intolerances and allergies are not offered.

* If weather conditions do not permit outdoor dining, the experience will be considered confirmed indoors.

*Felicia's HOME RESTAURANT reserves the right to cancel a guest's reservation at any time without any obligation other than refunding the amount paid.

*Access to the facility is only granted to guests who have made a reservation and paid the expected fee.


The Web Site www. (hereinafter "Web Site" or "Site") is owned by Felicia's Home Restaurant DI FLAUTO FELICIA based in Via di Salvio 72 - Tramonti - 84010 - Salerno - VAT number: 06149120658. Italy and is managed by the same company. The activity of Home Restaurant svoltà is an atypical activity, belonging to the sphere of the so-called "sharing economy," which is carried out in the private home of Ms. Flauto Felicia aims to enhance and promote the culture of traditional and quality food. Users may navigate within the Website and make reservations by strictly adhering to these conditions.


The use of the Web Site by Users is governed by the conditions of use of the site, which Users accept by checking on the appropriate boxes. The booking service is intended only for users who are of legal age and capable of acting. Given the atypical nature of the service offered, the structure in which it takes place (private residence) and the preparation homemade food, specific needs cannot be handled, therefore menus and cooking experiences are not offered in case of food allergies or intolerances. The experience is in a completely private form, so availability may be limited. Menus offered are subject to change based on the seasonality of vegetables and produce selected for the dishes prepared and offered to guests. Each menu contains lactose and gluten. Access to the private residence where Felicia's home restaurant activities take place is granted only to guests who have booked and paid for the experience. No additional guests will be allowed. The premises form an integral and substantial part of this agreement.


The User shall use the booking service strictly in accordance with these Conditions. It is the User's responsibility to read these Conditions and check the changes in case made to them. When providing the data necessary to proceed with the reservation, the User has the obligation and responsibility to provide personal data that is true, correct, verifiable and up-to-date. The personal data provided by the User through these forms will be processed by the Manager in compliance with privacy regulations, for the purposes and in the manner described in the information provided by the Manager itself. The User declares and warrants that he/she has acquired all the necessary authorizations regarding any third party data given to the Manager through the forms on the Site or through any other channel. It will be the User's responsibility to check for any allergens or foods that trigger intolerances by contacting Felicia'home restaurant by Flauto Felicia before making a reservation. You must inform others for whom you make reservations are affected by food allergies or intolerances that menus for such needs are not offered. It is the responsibility of the user who intends to make a reservation, therefore, to make sure that none of the individuals for whom he or she is making the reservation are affected by food allergies or intolerances, or inform them of the absence of specific menus before making the reservation. The user must notify the Manager of the presence of minors when making the reservation. To make the reservation, the user must select a specific date or time period from among those that are available in the Manager's calendar. The user is obligated to make payment for the entire service at the time of booking. The user expressly agrees that if weather conditions do not allow the experience to take place in the outdoor spaces, the experience will be held in the indoor spaces of the house. of the house.


The cost of the service is indicated on the website and is visible at the time of booking. Prepayment of the entire service is required. Payment is non-refundable. Only the payment methods shown on the screen are accepted. The purchase currency in which orders are placed is indicated only at checkout, prior to payment.


The reservation is confirmed the moment the Manager receives payment. It is not possible to cancel the reservation.


In case of cancellation of the reservation by users or inability of users to attend the booked experiences, there is no refund or other compensation whatsoever. However, if the user cancels the reservation at least 24 hours in advance, in case of calendar availability, the right to reschedule is granted within the limits of the following article. Notice of cancellation must be by email only, by sending the notice to at least 24 hours before the start time of the booked event. It is not possible to exercise the right of cancellation dealing with services related to catering and leisure provided on a fixed date or time period. At any time the Manager may cancel the reservation by refunding the full amount paid by the user, without any other claim by the User for any reason or title. Any refunds will be made by the Manager on the same payment instrument used by the user to book, for the same amount and in the same currency used for payment, nothing will be due to the difference in currency exchange rates that occurred during the period between payment and refund.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event there are calendar availabilities, the Manager grants the User the option to reschedule ON THE NEXT CALENDAR DAY the previously chosen and paid for event for the same number of people booked and for the same economic value of the experience chosen and previously paid for.


In any case, the Manager shall not be liable to the user for fortuitous event, force majeure, and/or delays or failure to perform its duties due directly or indirectly to circumstances beyond its control. Force Majeure shall constitute, without limitation, the occurrence of (i) war (whether or not declared), hostilities, invasion, acts of a foreign enemy, extensive military mobilization; (ii) civil war, riot, rebellion, revolution, military force or usurpation of power, insurrection, acts of terrorism, sabotage, or hacking including hacker attacks or Denial of Service aimed at damaging the Service, which is the subject of a report to the competent authority; (iii) currency or trade restrictions, embargo, sanctions; (iv) acts of the authority, whether lawful or unlawful, compliance with government laws or orders, regulations, expropriation, confiscation of property, requisition, nationalization; (v) plague, epidemic, natural disaster or extreme natural events; (vi) explosion, fire, destruction of equipment, prolonged suspension of transportation, telecommunications or power; (vii) generalized social conflicts, such as in particular boycott, strike and lockout, white strike, occupation of factories and buildings.


All of the User's personal data are processed in accordance with current privacy legislation (EU Regulation 2016/679 and Legislative Decree 196/2003). To have all the necessary information, please refer to the Users Site privacy policy accessible through the link placed in the footer of the page and to the disclosures accessible through the links placed at the footer of the forms on the Site.


The Manager reserves the right to make changes to the Website and these Terms at any time. The User shall always refer, as current version, to the text of the Terms posted on the Website at the time of booking, which will be made available to him/her in downloadable pdf format at the time of joining. Should any of the clauses of these conditions be declared, by the competent authority, null and void or ineffective, the conditions shall continue to have full effectiveness for the party not affected by said clause, unless the same has been an essential and determining reason for the conclusion of the relations. The circumstance that either party does not at any time assert the rights granted to it by one or more clauses of these conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of such rights nor shall it prevent it from subsequently demanding compliance with any and all contractual clauses.


Any complaints may be addressed by e-mail to The Manager will take up the complaint.


These conditions are governed by Italian law. In case of translation, the Italian version shall prevail for interpretation. For any dispute concerning the interpretation, validity or execution of these conditions of which a to which a consumer is a party and which may fall within the scope of application of the Consumer Code, the competent Court shall be that of the place of residence or elective domicile of the consumer. This Forum is mandatory pursuant to Article 33, paragraph 2 (u) of the Consumer Code. [_] I accept the booking conditions Pursuant to Articles 1341 and 1342 cc, the user specifically agrees to the following clauses:

1. PREMISES (menu variations based on seasonality, limited availability, menu containing lactose and gluten, no menu for allergies and intolerances).

2. OBLIGATIONS OF THE USER (obligation to inquire about allergens and substances that trigger intolerances, obligation to inform others for whom they make reservations of the absence of menus for specific needs before making the reservation. Obligation to notify of the presence of minors, obligation to pay for the service at the time of booking).

3. COST OF SERVICE AND PAYMENT (payment in advance and non-refundable).


5. CANCELLATION OF RESERVATION AND EXCLUSION OF WITHDRAWAL (notice by the user at least 24 hours in advance to be able to access rescheduling in case of calendar availability, optional cancellation by the Manager with only the obligation to return the amounts received).


7. RESCHEDULING 7 FORTUITOUS EVENT AND FORCE MAJEURE [_] I specifically accept the above clauses. Date and place