The farmhouse

Casale De Vivo is a seventeenth-century private house owned for over 50 years by my parents known as Tanino and Rosina, who have always humble peasants.

Originally the farmhouse belonged to a rich Neapolitan family. My paternal grandparents were farmers and for years they were in the service of Count De Vivo for whom they worked his land every day, collecting all the fruits to donate them to the noble family. In the years to come, the family decided to hand over the house to my grandfather, who over time decided to donate it to my father, who is now its owner.

Surrounded by flowers, vineyards and chestnut groves, the farmhouse also features an ancient courtyard and a large vegetable garden.

My parents have always dedicated their lives to agriculture, dedicating themselves with great care and dedication to cultivating the land.

During the winter season the family dedicates itself mainly to sowing, while in the spring season it is dedicated to pruning the vines and harvesting the first fruits. In the summer period, however, the tomatoes are harvested and in these weeks countless preserves are produced which will be consumed throughout the year by the family. Finally, in the autumn season it is finally time for the grape harvest and chestnut harvest



Much of what comes to the table comes from the family's own production. My parents still dedicate themselves to the production of homemade bread. Part of this is toasted at low temperatures in our wood-fired oven so it can be consumed throughout the winter.

We also produce homemade jams with the large quantity of fruit that grows and is harvested throughout the season in our garden, including plums, apples and pears.

And again, wine, vegetables in oil such as tomatoes, aubergines from our garden, courgettes, fresh eggs picked every morning, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, lemons, preserved tomatoes, homemade salami.